Harpal Mehmi

Psychology Consultant

Harpal Mehmi is a supervised doctoral student in Clinical Psychology, who strives to provide evidence-based supports and solutions to his patients towards leading healthy, independent and thriving lives.

With great sensitivity to patient history, culture and experience, Harpal listens and meets his patients where they are struggling. He utilizes methods from cognitive-behavioural interventions to further understand his patients’ distress and associated symptoms to directly target and alleviate underlying psychological issues.

Harpal is compassionate and committed about his patients’ treatment and recovery, and continuously explores innovative ways that meet his patients’ needs.

Outside his role with Dr. Andrea Myrie-Nurse, Harpal works as a psychoeducational consultant with the Peel District School Board. He provides consultation, education and psychoeducational assessment to support children, adolescent and young adults with an array of school and clinical concerns. In addition to work in the field, Harpal is currently enrolled in the APA-accredited Clinical Psychology program at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California.

Harpal Mehmi works under the direct supervision of Dr. Andrea Myrie-Nurse Psy.D., C.Psych.

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