Dr. Andrea Myrie-Nurse


Dr. Andrea Myrie-Nurse is an accomplished and compassionate psychologist, bringing over two decades of dedicated service with an extensive background as a school psychologist, therapist, and supervisor.

Dr. Myrie-Nurse earned her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois. She then began a career, which spanned over two decades, in the school board. There, her passion for addressing issues related to learning challenges, mental health and psychological challenges grew.

Her expertise in school psychology has been instrumental in identifying and addressing a wide range of learning, behavioural, psychological, and emotional challenges faced by students. Dr. Myrie-Nurse’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment has had a profound impact on the academic and personal growth of those under her care.

Dr. Myrie-Nurse transitioned into leadership roles, showcasing her managerial skills as the Manager of a Psychology Department. In this capacity, she spearheaded initiatives to enhance psychoeducational assessments and mental health services, ensuring a comprehensive and culturally sensitive approach to psychological care.

Currently serving as the Director of Clinical Training at Adler Professional Graduate School, Dr. Myrie-Nurse is instrumental in shaping the next generation of mental health professionals. Her role involves overseeing and advancing clinical training programs, where she imparts her wealth of experience to aspiring psychologists, therapists, and counselors.

As a core faculty member, Dr. Myrie-Nurse contributes not only to the academic curriculum but also to the broader understanding on culturally responsive and socially just mental health practices. Her dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and equity echoes throughout her teachings, influencing the future landscape of psychology professionals.

Dr. Myrie-Nurse embodies the values of compassion, leadership, and commitment to advancing psychological well-being. Her roles as a clinician, supervisor, and educator reflect a holistic approach to mental health, which is grounded in the belief that everyone deserves access to quality and culturally competent psychological care.

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