Christopher Sheehan

Child and Youth Worker

Christopher is a dedicated and compassionate child and youth worker with 23 years of experience in supporting children and youth from diverse backgrounds. With a diploma in child and youth work and a deep understanding of child development and mental health, Christopher has provided a range of interventions, support and resources to improve the well-being and functioning of children, youth and their families.

Christopher is experienced in working with children, youth and their families in various settings including schools, group homes, shelters, residential treatment programs, as well as in the community. He has an innate ability to connect with children and youth, build rapport, and establish trust. This has helped him to develop tailored intervention plans and support children and youth in developing coping strategies and life skills. Christopher is also skilled in providing crisis intervention, de-escalation, and conflict resolution services.

Christopher is committed to continuing professional development and regularly participates in trainings and workshops to enhance his skills and knowledge. He is passionate about advocating for the needs and rights of children, youth and families and is dedicated to making a positive impact on their lives.

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