Psychoeducational Assessments

Dr. Andrea Myrie-Nurse performs comprehensive assessments that provide parents and schools with recommendations to help students perform at their optimum and get the most out of their academic career.

Results will identify any underlying cause for academic underachievement and help her to develop individually tailored solutions based on the student’s needs and goals. Recommended strategies may include new technologies, tutors, extra work studies or scribes.

  • What is psychoeducational assessment?
    A psychoeducational is an individualized assessment geared to having a fuller understanding of an individual’s development or functioning in various areas (e.g., educational, social-emotional, behavioural, vocational).
  • Psychoeducational assessment for children and adults help to:

    • Identify gifted individuals, and learning styles;
    • Diagnose learning disabilities, ADHD, social adjustment difficulties, and emotional issues;
    • Provide assistance choosing schools, and academic programs;
    • Improve study habits, and exam preparation skills.
  • What age do you get a psychoeducational assessment?

    A psychoeducational assessment can be done as young as four years old straight into university/college. It is also beneficial for individuals needing accommodation for standardized exams, such as LSAT, GRE, MCAT, Professional licensing exams (e.g., the Bar, nursing, etc.)

  • Do I or my child need a psychoeducational assessment?

    A psychoeducational assessment might be required if you or a child is struggling in a particular academic area, i.e., reading, writing or math.

  • Psychoeducational assessment for kids

    Assessments of young children involve greater involvement from parents (e.g., interviews, completing questionnaires, etc.). In the case of child assessment, your psychologist will request to interview your child’s teacher, and may also need to observe your child in a natural setting (e.g., at school or daycare).

  • Psychoeducational assessment for adults

    An adult would require a psychoeducational assessment to receive accommodations from university or college or professional licensing exams.

  • How long does a psychoeducational assessment take?

    Each psycho-educational assessment takes approximately six to eight hours in total to complete and is only be performed by a registered psychologist, psychological associate or an individual supervised by a psychologist or psychological associate. The referred client will attend 3-6 appointments; the number of appointments will vary depending on the client’s age and needs.

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