Psycho-Diagnostic Assessments

A psycho-diagnostic assessment evaluates a person’s mental process and behaviours to understand how it impacts their development and daily functioning. Assessments use highly reliable, standardized tests that have been validated in clinical trials. This increases diagnostic accuracy, and greatly aids in the development of treatment plans with the highest likelihood of success.

Examples of appropriate referrals for psychological testing include people with suspected substance abuse problems, learning disabilities, poor intellectual functioning, personality disorders, people who have experienced trauma or those with mood, anxiety or panic disorders.

The psycho-diagnostic assessment takes up to six hours to complete and can only be performed by a registered psychologist or psychology associate. During the assessment, several skills including language, memory, learning, problem solving, planning, organization, fine motor and visual spatial are tested along with an examination of general intellect, behaviour and emotions.

Psycho-diagnostic assessments help to:

  • Assess thinking, learning, and behaviour;
  • Highlight individual strengths and weaknesses;
  • Provide recommendation for behavioural interventions, and differential therapeutic treatments;
  • Improve learning, development, and general functioning.
Time: 6 to 8 hours